What is Included

As one of the oldest Xero training providers, we are pleased to offer the only online training course with real-life practice on the Xero software!

Our course is built to suit both an experienced bookkeeper or accountant with no knowledge in Xero as well as a total beginner (eg. Office Manager or Business Owner) who would like to become an expert in this field.

Training materials start by covering the different features of Xero, which then the learner can practice with real-life examples on the actual Xero software. Over 200 invoices and bills, and close to 1000 bank transactions with gradually increasing difficulty.


Several test questions help you through the progress and give you reassurance and self-confidence that the goal of the learning materials has been met. 

If at the end of the course, you would like some additional help, you will also have the option to book our Xero 1:1 coaching sessions.

Please see some screenshots and examples of what you will learn during the course below.


Creating Sales Invoices

We will show you how to create sales invoices in Xero. How to use the reference field, create items (especially if you are selling goods) as well as highlight different tax settings to pay attention to.


Uploading Purchase Bills

Learn the difference between purchase bills, receipts and expenses. Learn how to upload bills, attach them or even assign them as a cost to one of your customers.

Don't worry if you are buying in multiple currencies, you will also learn how to handle those!


Adding Expense Claims

Upload expense claims directly or from your mobile app and enable Xero's Receipt Analysis feature to pre-populate the fields for you. 

Submit it for approval or approve it if you have the permission. 


Bank Reconciliation

Learn to add bank accounts, import your bank statements and learn all the ins and outs of doing the bank reconciliation.

Reconciling your sales and purchases, transactions without bills or even transfers to your savings account or multi-currency saving accounts.


Foreign Currency Transfers

This is what most new starters with Xero get wrong and end up spending ages trying to find mistakes down the line.

We will teach you a few easy steps to follow, so you will never get it wrong again. 


Cash Withdrawals

Learn the best and most efficient way to deal with cash withdrawals as well as to keep a track of its balance. 


Director's Loan Account

Lending money to the company as a director's loan and withdrawing it is tax free. Therefore it is important to reconcile it correctly - otherwise you might end up paying taxes, you should not have.

We will show you how to do it!



Uploading salaries to Xero and reconciling them correctly is very important. Do either one of them wrong and your company could show lower profits or money owed to the tax man when in reality it doesn't. We will not only show you the steps, but the potential mistakes to avoid too. 


Reporting: Balance Sheet

Learn how to view month-end reports such as the Balance Sheet. 


Reporting: Profit & Loss

Learn how to create a Profit & Loss report and the different settings available.

Show the results as monthly, quarterly or yearly and compare them with previous periods.

What is NOT Inlcuded

The course is very extensive to cover the most often used areas of Xero.

However, to provide you with the most useful knowledge in the shortest possible time, some features we did leave out. 

These mostly include:

Advanced Xero Settings - features you won't need on a daily basis

Project Costing
If there is a specific area you are looking for, please ask us and we will be happy to confirm whether it is included or not.

Xero Certification:

Please note, Xero offers a Xero Certified Advisor Certification if you take their exam. You won't receive this certification at the end of our course, however you should be able to take it with no difficulty at the end of our course. 

Time Frame

For most people it takes approx. 20 hours to finish the course.

Feel free to take your time. However, we highly recommend you to finish it in 30 days. This is because: 

  • You will be using the real live Xero software to practice what you have learnt.

  • Xero gives a 30 day free trial and once it expires you will have to start paying for it. 

  • If you do the course too slow, you will be more likely to forget what you have learnt and it will be much harder to get back into it. 1 hour a day will ensure you don't forget what you have learnt and should allow you to finish it in 30 days. 


We are confident you will have hands on Xero knowledge by the time you finish the course.

(We are the only online course offering live Xero practice!)

Therefore if for any reason you weren't satisfied with our course, please let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money!


Xero Training

£399 +VAT


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