Xero 1:1 Coaching

As one of the longest Xero training providers, we believe knowledge is nothing without practise.

This is why we provide our unique 1 week course with 90 mins training sessions every day. This way we can give you a thorough one-on-one training you can then practise before your next session with us. 


The trainings happen as an online class, where our trainer will share her computer screen with you while teaching you all the different areas of Xero. 


Who is the 1:1 Coaching good for?


It is good for both beginners as well as accountants as it will be tailored to you. 

However, we highly recommend for you to do it while working on a real company. This way we can help you cover certain topics of Xero in the morning that you will have time to practise in the afternoon. We can then help you build on this knowledge the following day and again you can practise it in the afternoon.  With this method, you will be hands on by the end of the week.


Should I do the online Xero training or the 1:1 Coaching?


It really depends on what you feel is better for you. Our online Xero training has a lot of sample bills and invoices for you to practise on. Therefore it could be a better option if you are currently looking to learn Xero, but don't have a company to practise it on.

Whereas with 1:1 Coaching you won't have sample examples, instead, you will be 'walked through' the Xero software and we help you work through issues you might already have in Xero. 


If you want to be very thorough, feel free to do our online Xero training first, then once you have finished, have our 1:1 Coach to go through any questions you might have at the end. 


To start, click on our 'Start Now' button and fill in your details.

Xero 1:1 Coaching for 5 x 90 min sessions: £399 + VAT
Combined online Xero training and 1:1 Coaching £699 +VAT!

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